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The Tao of WordPress is over 300 pages of pure WordPress wisdom. A finely crafted product with awesome features for beginners, students, and designers.

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Current to WordPress version 4.2 Current to WordPress version 4.2

A to Z

Complete guide covers hosting, software, WordPress, and beyond.


Learn how to customize WordPress easily to create the perfect website.

Here & Now

Learn more in less time with clear writing and concise tutorials.

Code Free

Well almost. Do almost anything from within the comfort of the Admin Area.

Cutting Edge

Learn about the latest plugins for performance, security, SEO and more.

Go in Style

Absorb clear material with clean layout and easy-to-read typography.

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From beginner to intermediate and beyond

If you're familiar with surfing the Web, you have all the experience needed to rock with WordPress. From the beginning, the Tao of WordPress guides you through the entire process of setting up, configuring, customizing, securing, optimizing, and beyond.

WordPress makes your vision a reality

As the world's number one publishing platform, WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes for creating just about any type of site imaginable. Discover some of the latest and greatest techniques for creating the site of your dreams.

  • Learn how to set up, configure and customize WordPress, from start to finish and everything in between.
  • Unfold the secrets of the Admin Area and learn how to do more with less effort.
  • Learn how to secure your site against spam, bad bots and other threats.
  • Learn how to optimize your site for mobile visitors, search engines and everyone else.
  • Learn how theme templates work and how to customize your site exactly as you want it.
  • Learn how to integrate your site with social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google.
  • Learn how to add chat forums, social networks, bulletin boards, e-commerce sites and more.

WordPress Zen

The Tao of WordPress shows you how to use built-in settings, plugins, and themes to build awesome WordPress-powered sites. Learn how to get the most out of WordPress by using it for what it is, effortlessly and intuitively through the Admin Area. Take the journey to unlock the power of WordPress and use it like a zen master to build anything you can imagine.

Learn more, do more, in less time.

Skip the piecemeal searching and hit-or-miss tutorials. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and learn WordPress in style. The Tao of WordPress takes you on a refreshingly relaxed yet concise journey through every step. Along the way, you’ll learn how to use WordPress and its many plugins and themes to do more, easily and in less time.

More signal, less noise, you win.

Every drop of the book is carefully distilled, refined, and focused on WordPress. In clear, easy-to-read text, the book focuses on the most important, useful, and awesome things you can do with WordPress. In true zen fashion, The Tao of WordPress delivers current WordPress experience and knowledge to increase your skills.

  • Focused
  • Simplified
  • Clarified
  • Demystified
  • Visualized
  • Symbolized
  • Explained
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Follow the Path

The Tao of WordPress assumes only that you’re familiar with working on the Web. From there, the book explains each step of the installation and configuration process, and then continues into customization, security, optimization, and beyond. Take the journey through the entire process of creating your own awesome WordPress-powered site. Here is an overview of the chapters in the book.


For everyone

The Tao of WordPress is a guide for everyone who wants to learn and master WordPress, including beginners, students, designers, admins, and enthusiasts. To get the most from the book, you need to be familiar with surfing and working on the Web and have a desire to learn the way of WordPress, to build your own awesome websites and make them do whatever you wish.

Learn WordPress in style

Every page is meticulously designed and highly focused on making the most of WordPress. Every lesson is explained in simple steps, with the amount of complex code kept to an absolute minimum. It’s a stylish book with many great features.

The Tao of WordPress begins with the basics and slowly ramps up to more advanced techniques. Along the way, the book provides techniques, tricks & tips, and links to over 500 external resources. You get a complete, continuous journey focusing on WordPress essentials, and learn the best resources for additional options and details.

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  • Full color
  • Hyperlinked
  • Searchable
  • Copy/paste code
  • Lots of diagrams
  • Clear & easy to read
  • 13 chapters / 320 pages
  • 500+ external resources
  • At-a-glance notes
  • Tips & tricks

Exclusive starter theme

Included with this book is the Tao of WordPress theme. It's simple, lightweight, flexible, extensible, and responsive. Each template file is squeaky clean with inline notes and references to useful resources. The Tao theme is an ideal tool for learning how to build and customize awesome WordPress themes.

The Tao of WordPress theme is based on WP's default Twenty Twelve theme and showcases the best that WordPress has to offer: custom backgrounds, custom headers, featured images, custom post formats, sticky posts, custom navigation menus, video embeds, twitter embeds, and more.

PDF Book + Theme

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  • Exclusive Tao of WP theme
  • Access to the Members Area

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  • Tao of WordPress PDF
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